internal communications

Internal communications is about far more than putting out a weekly staff newsletter.

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In fact, it plays a crucial role in employee engagement, culture and productivity.

Used effectively, it will keep your people informed of upcoming events, policy changes, engagement initiatives and updates on the overall health of the business while creating a sense of transparency and openness that people respect.

It is also way to mobilise an entire workforce to drive change throughout your organisation.

Within our team we have two experts on internal communications strategy who have worked with organisations such as Volvo, Vattenfall, Barings Asset Management and CapGemini to produce and deliver messages and campaigns on behalf of management and facilitate dialogue with the people who make up the organisation.

We have helped manage change communications in the face of a crisis as well as conducted organisation-wide engagement and culture audits.

We have also devised new ways to get people involved and invested in the bigger picture and provided room for feedback, pushback, and public debate of issues and ideas.

Internal communications is often thought of as top-down messaging, written by leaders for the consumption of employees. But actually it needs to be a two-way street.

We look for better channels and methods to open up this conversation and build engagement.

This can include surveys, polls and questionnaires and the use of intranet platforms, newsletters, noticeboards, forums, meeting rooms and video conferencing facilities to find out what the problems are.

It can spread to events, team building exercises, chaired discussions and Q&A sessions to discuss these issues and potential solutions.

From there it might branch out into learning and speaking events, leadership training programs, shared customer feedback and better use of media coverage.

It can even lead to a reshaping of the whole cultural landscape of an organisation: what it stands for, who it values, why it matters.

Sometimes we get involved when times are good – to shape and solidify a structure for internal comms that works for you and your business. But more often than not, we are drafted in when your company is in crisis.

This might concern a restructure, a merger, an acquisition, a redundancy consultation or, more recently, the upheaval left by COVID-19.

This usually means the morale of staff and business continuity are at stake and you are struggling to get on top of the chatter and rebuild relationships.

In this situation, people will have questions. And the way you answer those questions is exactly where we come in.

We have the knowledge, attitude, creativity and experience to help you better engage staff, manage change effectively and to communicate more clearly and consistently.

We devise appropriate communications and engagement solutions that support your business objectives and we are easy to work with and flexible to your needs and requirements.