graphic design

We offer a comprehensive and friendly design service for clients looking to build, strengthen or project their brand image.

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Whether you’re looking to freshen up your corporate identity or build a brand from scratch, we can help channel your ideas into consistent imagery which communicates with your audience.

Graphic designers are often mistaken for being the people who “just make things pretty” but actually they possess a multitude of skills beyond a keen eye for the aesthetically pleasing.

This is certainly true of our in-house graphic design department who provide clients with extensive reasoning behind any content they create.

They believe a design element shouldn’t just be pretty. It needs to serve a purpose – communicating a clear message, selling a specific idea or reaching a target audience.

This ties into every element – from the colour theory right through to the typography – and involves a creative and systematic plan to solve a problem or achieve certain objectives.

It’s common for people to see graphic design and public relations as two separate disciplines, independent of one another. But we believe the two are interconnected and often use the combination can increase your impact.


Of course, you can come to us with a graphic design project or a PR campaign without the need for the input of the other field, but many of our clients use both as part of their communications strategy.

This is because the crossover of the two is becoming increasingly more relevant as new platforms and channels change the way we see our news.

This allows us to link things like social media posts to graphics or press releases to maps, charts and other visuals to offer a  more impactful form of engagement than solely communicating information.

The idea of integrated communications as a whole is becoming the trend in our industry and we like to think that we are at the forefront of this.

All our marketing efforts are more effective when all areas contribute to the larger picture.

And a key element of unifying your branding, messaging, and communication channels for a strategic and consistent delivery is graphic design.

From the traditional design elements of logo, company stationery, brochures, advertisements and signage right through to the more modern – mascots, lettering, interactive and animation - we have got your design needs covered.