media relations

Our links with the national, regional and trade press across the UK are second to none.

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Our team includes journalists who have either worked in – or have close personal contacts in – newsrooms across the country.

We have excellent working relationships with news editors allowing us access to forward-planning lists, news agendas and editorial opportunities as soon as they arise.

This gives us the edge in public and press relations and allows us to act in a proactive way, developing campaigns and stories which do not get ignored.

But why does it pay to get your business in the press?

Well, media relations is all about gaining third party validation – it’s a term that elevates PR over advertising.

Adverts simply claim that your product is the best. Editorial is an endorsement.

You’re not proclaiming it yourself – an unbiased third party is. And that makes it very valuable.

So what's the best newspaper to have your story in?

Well it's not as simple as that. After all, the scope of “media” is a lot broader than it used to be.

Once upon a time a business would have been satisfied to appear in the business pages of their local paper. But there are now a wealth of online news outlets which can be a more powerful way to connect with your target market.

Put it this way, while your local paper’s readership is in decline, news organisations are ploughing cash into their websites – which are constantly beating the product to getting readers.

This means that our aim is always get a story online as well as in print.

We are very lucky to have not one – but three – former journalists in our midst. 

This insight is invaluable to our clients and gives them confidence in decisions we make on where to pitch their news.