media relations

Our links with the national, regional and trade press across the UK are second to none.

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The Prominent team includes former journalists who have either worked in – or have close personal contacts in – newsrooms across the country.

With decades of media experience in the team, we have built excellent working relationships with news editors – giving us access to forward-planning lists and news agendas before they arise.

Those relationships have built Prominent a strong reputation among journalists who know we send them better stories than any other PR agency.

This allows us to act in a proactive way and helps us develop and deliver stories and campaigns that have a real benefit to your brand.

We are constant consumers of news. We identify ongoing trends in the media and quickly spot opportunities to put our clients in the spotlight – be it providing comments, interview opportunities or press releases to both local and national media.

With thousands of news stories, features and press releases under our belts, we never struggle in finding the killer angle for your business.

But why shouldn’t you advertise instead?

Adverts simply claim your product is the best. Editorial is an endorsement of what you do.

Editorial pieces are published by an unbiased third party trusted by their readership. Adverts will never have that level of weight behind them.

Print readership may be in decline, but visits to news websites are higher than any point in history. With the digital world ever expanding, there has never been a better time to secure coverage.

Our in-house journalists understand the science behind what drives readers to a story and how to maximise its reach.

They have received thousands of pitches and as such know how to sell your story to the people that matter to your brand.

With experience across the platforms of print, broadcast and digital journalism, we understand the individual needs and differences of media types.

For Prominent, media coverage is all in a day’s work.