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Morrison Freight Chamber Awards

Winning an award for you or your business can bring many benefits. 

It’s an immense morale boost to all employees, generates interest and awareness in your brand and, by providing an independent recognition of the value of a product or service, offers reassurance to potential customers.

But it’s not as easy as it looks.

We often get introduced to new clients who have entered business award schemes year on year – only to find themselves stumped when they fail to make the shortlist.

But what they don't realise is that writing an award entry is a skill. And actually, contrary to popular opinion, being the person most involved in the business, doesn't make you the best person to sing its praises.

Creating an award-winning award entry involves crafting a story, weaving together a multitude of elements to meet the criteria and making sure you supply hard evidence to back up the narrative.

And we are exceptionally good at this.

In fact, in the last three years approximately 80% of the award entries we have written for clients have been shortlisted – with more than 60% going on to win in their category.

We are also experts at making the most of the marketing mileage that accompanies an award win – maximising publicity, celebrating across your website and marketing collateral.

Awards are a fantastic way of helping your company stand out from the crowd – providing a genuine reason why customers should pick you over your competitors.

They generate brand awareness - giving your company something to shout about and sending positive messages to customers, reassuring them that they’re making the right choice.

What’s more, awards send positive messages to employees that their company is doing well, and this boosts pride and therefore loyalty from staff.

You might have been put off entering awards in the past because you believe you can’t compete against the big boys.

But actually, there are numerous industry and business schemes encompassing companies of all sizes.

One thing we are very good at is finding the right opportunities for our clients – and ruling out those that are not worth the effort.

It may sound obvious, but we also make sure you pick the right category to suit your business and work out which ones come with the greatest chance of success.

Our award entries are crafted by our in-house journalists who are experts at telling a story. They explore your growth, successes, partnerships and business plans and, being objective, make sure the content is factual and punchy, sticks to the word count and avoids waffle.

Ultimately, they know what will wow the judges.

If you’re still not convinced, take a look at our testimonials page to see a selection of what our client's have to say.