frequently asked questions

Investing in PR is a wise business decision. But it can be difficult to understand the benefits in an industry which works on the intangible idea of reputation. Here we have put together the answers to some commonly-asked questions to help you get to grips with our services.

I don’t want to be tied into a long contract

That’s why we don’t tie anyone into contracts. We work on a one-month rolling basis, so if you don’t think it’s for you, all we ask is one month’s notice and fees to date paid off.

PR is really expensive – what am I actually paying for?

We can create a PR package which delivers what you need. In terms of a day rate we are hugely competitive in comparison with other Suffolk-based agencies. Tell us your budget and your requirements up front and we can tailor something for you, whether this is a rolling retainer where you pay for time, a package where you decide the deliverables, or a project fee – it’s all about finding the solution that you need.

I’m not really sure what ‘PR’ is and don’t want to be sold something I don’t need

We don’t believe in PR for the sake of it. If you don’t need it, we won’t suggest it. And this works both ways – if you suggest doing something which we don’t think is needed or worth it, we will be honest and tell you. Sometimes, businesses just need a little help, and you can pick and choose from the services we offer to suit your needs, building a PR package which is right for you.

I need help now and you don’t know my business

We can start immediately! We will immerse ourselves in your business and we will ask the right questions to pull out the information and background we need to hit the ground running. We are experts in getting to know an organisation quickly and being able to make an immediate impact.

I want senior and experienced staff working on my account

The members of the Senior Management Team work across every client, so not only will you be assigned a delivery team, you will also have the input of and access to the SMT.

I want to know, each month, what is being achieved and the impact it is having

Each client is created what we call a ‘real-time PR plan’ which details the status of every action we are working on. This is updated in ‘real-time’ so that we/you always know what is going on. Any time you call the office, any member of the team can pull up your plan and give you an accurate update. At the end of each month you will receive a detailed activity report which clearly outlines what work has been done and an evaluation of what the impact has been / what the deliverables are.

I want to have regular updates from the team and always know what is happening

We commit to holding regular meetings with you every month and at least one touch-base phone call every fortnight. Plus, we aim to reply to every email you send us within a day. It’s likely that you’ll hear from your team on a much more regular basis than that, but that’s the minimum we guarantee to our clients.

I want the best quality and to know that everything which is attributed to my organisation is correct

Everything which leaves the agency under your name will be quality checked by our SMT. All content is edited and signed off by Helen so we can guarantee it is always of the highest quality.

I don’t want any extra / surprising costs along the way

We will always confirm retainer costs with you at the beginning so you are confident that you know what you will be billed. A retainer with us allows for flexibility; you pay the same amount each month whether we do more or less that the allotted days (allowing for peaks and troughs and reactive PR). If opportunities crop up which require extra budget, such as award scheme fees or the chance to advertise, we will always discuss these with you first.