PR strategy

Planned PR is the most effective PR.

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A PR strategy should be the roadmap to your brand’s growth. Saying more than just what you want to achieve, it identifies who you are as an organisation, who you want to be, your target audiences and messages.

A good PR strategy identifies where resources should be allocated and the marketing activity you can achieve within your budget. It can also ensure the PR activities sit in the right place as part of your overall marketing strategy – tidying up any overlap, brand inconsistencies or gaps in the bigger picture.

At Prominent, all our strategies are SMART – specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely.

All content we publish is aimed at connecting your brand to your target audience, increasing your reach and building your brand awareness.

Our sights are always set on your goals. Every press release, social media post or feature opportunity is made with your aims and objectives in mind. We don’t do anything for the sake of it.

How we build your strategy

The cornerstone of every good PR strategy is identifying the people who have influence and decision-making power over your products and services.

These could be people, groups or communities. We work with you to pinpoint who you want to communicate with and how to do so effectively.

We delve into who they are, what they like and don’t like, where they get their information from, the outlets they trust and the platforms they use. We analyse their customer journey and where they might fall out of the sales funnel and we help you to identify what may be going wrong.

An important part of this is developing key messages – the core things you want your target audience to hear.

These should be simple, concise and powerful – and drive your agenda. Why should they trust you? Why should they buy from you? What do you stand for as a company? Why are you a good employer?

Once key messages are developed, we use a range of tactics to achieve your PR objectives.

Our team of former journalists know how to get your story in the press. From press releases to features and interview opportunities, we understand the science behind selling a story and effectively delivering your key messages.

But there’s more to PR than media relations. Traditional PR, digital PR, advertising, events, social media – the list is endless and every tactic is an opportunity you won’t want to miss out on.  Our team ensure you deliver your message to the people you want to hear it.

Rounding off our SMART system, our PR strategies are always completed within a set time frame – and provide opportunity to measure success.