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Today is Time to Talk day. A national day to raise awareness for mental health and urge people to change the way they think. Unfortunately, one in four people will suffer from a mental health issue this year. But many will suffer in silence. Here Chelsea Debnam discusses mental wellbeing.


Mental health problems come in many forms, each with their own range of symptoms.

It can be difficult to spot the signs and offer help to those who need it. And often people will do their best to disguise or hide how they are feeling.

Talking about mental health may be difficult but it is made worse by the stigma which, despite the fact that we are better educated and more aware of mental health, is still attached to it. Together we need to change the way that we tackle mental health. And talking about it openly and honestly is one step towards making the subject less taboo.

Here at Prominent we all have our own share of worries. But we embrace the mantra ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’ – so just imagine how much better we feel with 12 other people there to listen!

In fact, our office chatter is a key part of how we work. It keeps dialogue flowing – whether about personal problems or client campaigns. Sometimes these even link together.

It was a conversation about depression which led to another about our pro bono charity – the Charlie Watkins Foundation – which eventually led to a team pledge to commit to Red January, for example.

Red January is a month-long campaign encouraging people to support their mental wellbeing through exercise.

It also provided us with the perfect excuse to get out, get active and raise money for a cause close to our hearts.

The Charlie Watkins Foundation is a charity set up Charlie’s brother and dad after he took his own life.

Charlie was surrounded by people who loved and supported him – but he still found it difficult to talk about his mental health.

And many people have this problem. A study has shown that 60% of people suffering wait over a year to tell the people closest to them what is going on.

Our spin on Red January allowed us not just to exercise – but to take the opportunity to walk and talk.

Over the course of the month each and every one of us completed the equivalent of 26.2 miles - a marathon. And on every occasion, we made these steps with someone else alongside us – a friend, family member or colleague - encouraging them to chat.

All together, we aimed to reach 366.8 miles. And this is what we achieved.

It’s not too late to donate to celebrate our success! Visit this page for more information: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/prominent-ltd1


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