People of Felixstowe come together to help families in need

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Things are starting to look up. Restrictions are lifting and we have more freedom to go about our usual daily lives. But those locked in poverty continue to find themselves in times of crisis. Here, Keira Booty explains why Prominent has decided to help families in need.


It was only late last year that our all-women team introduced a bit of testosterone to the office.

As a long-standing group of women who have worked together for many years, we have – understandably – discussed in great detail things which chiefly concern women (I will spare you the details).

It was this which prompted us to adopt our charity of the year at the start of 2020 – one which, among other things, helps provide sanitary products to women who cannot afford to buy them.

As well as tackling what has been dubbed “period poverty” however, The Hygiene Bank also provides other items to families who might have to choose between buying food and soap and shampoo.

It’s been quite an eye-opener working with them. Over 14 million people in the UK live in poverty. 4.5 million of these are children and this figure has increased for the last three consecutive years.

Poverty is also closer to home than you think. It was revealed in October 2020 that 27% of under-16s across the East of England live in poverty, in data published by the End Child Poverty Coalition.

The statistics are desperately sad and the idea that people are struggling to buy things most of us take for granted is utterly devastating.

So, after a year of collecting products and becoming a local drop-off point for others wanting to donate, we wanted to continue to inspire social change.

At Prominent, we have donated £150 worth of hygiene products to The Hygiene Bank in support of those people who are having to choose between being able to heat their homes, pay the rent, eat or be clean.

We also introduced another drop-off point in our local Boots store on Hamilton Road, which has prompted even more donations.

All donated products go to a local charity - The BASIC Life Charity - who support local people in need.

We believe that feeling clean should not be a luxury and at Prominent, we recognise that many people have found themselves in exceptionally tough situations over the past year.

Just because restrictions are easing and most of us have more freedom, does not mean that issues such as hygiene poverty have disappeared. We believe that now is a crucial time to support families and help to reduce hygiene poverty.

If you want to join us and add to the collection, please consider leaving some items at our office or at Boots on Hamilton Road when you are out and about in town.

All products left at either drop-off point will be taken to The BASIC Life Charity which is local to Felixstowe.

Items you can donate include sanitary products, shampoo and conditioner, soap, toothbrushes and toothpaste, washing powder, nappies, wipes, cosmetics and any other new, unused and in-date hygiene and personal care products.

If you would like to find out more about The Hygiene Bank or make a donation, go to:

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