Is radio still a platform worth advertising on?

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Businesses face a competitive environment in the battle to stand out from the crowd, no matter the stage. But with new media platforms opening fresh opportunities – should radio still be part of your advertising strategy?

Here, our Account Manager and former broadcast journalist Arlen James discusses whether radio advertising is still worth it.

What is radio advertising?

Radio advertising is exactly what it says on the tin. From simple spoken-word ads to catchy jingles, there are various great examples of adverts on radio.

Commercial radio stations are funded through advertising. That’s why when you are listening to stations like Heart or Greatest Hits Radio, you hear frequent commercial breaks within their shows.

BBC Radio stations, however, are funded through the TV Licence. That means there won’t be any catchy jingles interrupting your shows, but they will often plug their own programmes and events.  

While adverts may cause some people to temporarily switch station, they are effective when done right. In fact, in our office we often reference a certain jingle advertising a bedroom furniture company in the area – it hasn’t been on air for years, but that hasn’t stopped it being embedded in our minds. That’s an incredible level of brand awareness.

Is radio advertising worth it?

In short, yes.

The proof is in the numbers. The most recent RAJAR figures shows commercial radio is the majority favourite, with 54.1% of listeners picking commercial over BBC stations.

In the third quarter of 2023, commercial radio reached 39.3 million listeners – almost 70% of those opted for their local stations.

So, whether you are looking to reach a national audience or more people in your local area, radio advertising could be the answer.

A huge benefit to radio is it is listened to almost everywhere – and is often left on. Whether it is in the car, in your home or in your workplace, radio is accessible almost anywhere. Not only that, but it is often used in cafes, shops, barbers and more – so you could be reaching even more people than you think.

But more importantly – and especially with the right team behind you – effective media buying on radio also costs a lot less than you think.

Is radio advertising right for your business? 

There is no doubt that the way people consume media continues to change. The growth of social media and mobile apps have certainly opened new doors for advertisers – but that doesn’t mean the power of radio should be overlooked.

Advertising on radio can help you reach a larger audience and grow your business, especially if you are looking at running localised campaigns.

So, if you want to know what options you have, get in touch with our team at Prominent Media.

Alternatively, you can view other services we provide here.

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