Clare Jordan

Clare Jordan

As our Office Administrator, Clare works hard behind the scenes alongside Hannah to ensure a smooth operation here at Prominent.

Clare will be a familiar name to many who have followed the business, having previously worked with us before leaving the team to have a baby in 2019.

She has now returned with even more administration experience to her name, working with some of the biggest names in our region.

Her career has seen her work with both the police and the NHS, meaning she is no stranger to keeping a cool head under pressure.

As media manager for RB Agency, which was bought out by Prominent in 2017, she managed multi-million-pound advertising budgets thanks to her incredible organisational skills and built strong relationships with clients and the media.

Her new role sees her support our financing and invoicing – as well as working for our advertising arm, Prominent Media, using her extensive experience in media buying.

Clare has quickly settled back to life here at Gulpher Road Business Park and is always on hand to support both the PR and Creative teams with anything they need.

Outside of work, Clare is a real bookworm who can’t get enough of a good thriller. She also loves to holiday with her partner and toddler Felix, but is often too busy to pick up her book!