Robert Norman Construction

Robert Norman Construction is an award-winning Suffolk construction company, operating as building contractors in Suffolk, South Norfolk, North Essex and beyond.

The company approached Prominent after a period of growth wanting help to position the business as a large contractor and target and win larger clients.

Bob Page and Robert Norman 2 copy2

We worked with them to improve their web copy, secure a number of features and news stories in the trade and regional press and to support them with their 25th anniversary celebration.

Our relationship with this company was so well cemented that when Robert Norman was diagnosed with cancer in 2016, they trusted us with the internal and external communications of this situation.

When Robert sadly passed away in 2017, we helped his successor Bob Page to protect the business, supporting him in communicating the “business as usual” message that has been Robert’s legacy.

Work included:

  • A full PR strategy and a social media strategy.
  • Website copywriting, blogs and newsletter content.
  • An internal and external communications package.
  • Social media support.
  • Promotion of the business at its 25th anniversary event.
  • Writing several award entries for the company.


  • A raft of news stories and features have been placed in the local media in the last three years, celebrating good news and marking bad. These include a front page story on Robert’s cancer diagnosis, carried out after our editorial director (a former journalist) interviewed him in the comfort of his own home. His quotes were later used in tribute at his funeral.
  • Thanks to a comprehensive internal and external communications plan, the business is flourishing, the customers are happy, the staff are secure and the future for the business looks very bright.

Communicating change plays a crucial role in protecting your reputation. We have the knowledge, attitude, sensitivity and experience to help you manage change effectively and to communicate clearly and consistently.