Inform Direct

Inform Direct is an online company records management business which makes it easy for business owners and their accountants to manage company records.

Prominent was approached to help promote and raise awareness of their brand at the end of 2014.

Henry and Hugh Dennis

Aims were to raise awareness of the Inform Direct brand name, increase web traffic, secure media coverage in the largest number of publications possible and increase customers using the Inform Direct platform – which stood at 3,000.

Work included:

The creation of a “one hit wonder” press release on business formations per region. This was written so it could be tailored allowing us to get maximum exposure and the biggest return of investment.

The idea was to pull out the juicy facts and figures per region.

We streamlined information further if journalists needed specifics which allowed newspapers to create their own unique take on the figures.

We also worked with Inform Direct to create innovative infographics which made the data less dry and easier to digest and were tagged with the website address.

We offered journalists an additional service sourcing case studies.

We fostered such good relationships with business journalists that 30 approached us prior to the General Election asking for Inform Direct’s help to compile business statistics per constituency.

This gave us another opportunity to showcase the software and resulted in further coverage.


  • We secured 291 media clippings including 190 print clippings and 101 web articles
  • There were eight business magazine features, eight radio interviews and eight front page stories.
  • The combined circulation of all media items was more than three million.
  • Web traffic to the website increased by 10% between March and May.
  • Inform Direct hoped to double the number of customers using their platform from 3,000 to 6,000.
  • At the end of the PR activity, companies using Inform Direct had exceeded 10,000.


  • Prominent won Gold at the CIPR Pride Awards for the Anglia, Thames and Chiltern region 2015 - Best Low Budget Campaign - for its work with Inform Direct

Awards for client

  • Business Finance Awards 2015 – WINNER Software Product of the Year

It doesn’t matter how small your budget – it’s what you do with it that counts. At Inform Direct a ‘one hit wonder’ of a press release helped us reach a circulation of three million.