Heidi Sanders

Heidi Sanders

Heidi Sanders is Prominent's project manager. Her professional experience spans more than 15 years and has predominantly been focused on client services in the branding sector.


During this time, she was based in London and worked for a number of world-leading agencies, managing many global, high profile client accounts.

Being part of senior management teams meant she was heavily involved in leading the client account resource, winning new business, overall company business planning and, perhaps most rewardingly, staff development and mentoring.

Previous roles involved working ‘in-country’ with clients as far afield as Moscow, Bahrain and across Europe.
Heidi’s background gave her the experience and confidence to blend swiftly into our business.

She boasts exceptional organisational and communication skills that have become vital to facilitate and support the Prominent team and business to the highest level.

Her attention to detail has also made her an instrumental part of the team on the delivery of some huge projects – including a national will-writing initiative that takes place annually and, more recently, a global campaign for charity that has involved a number of celebrities.

As well as keeping the Prominent team in order, Heidi runs another business in the complementary health field with a raft of clients in London and in Suffolk.

Her calm and positive manner is an asset for both roles which she manages efficiently and effortlessly.

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