Ellen Widdup

Ellen Widdup

Ellen Widdup is our Editorial Director and a former national newspaper journalist.


She worked for the Evening Standard for a decade and then wrote regularly for the Daily Mail, Mail Online and the Telegraph. She has also contributed to The Sun, The Mirror, The Express, The Independent, The Sunday Telegraph and The Press Association and was a columnist for the East Anglian Daily Times for more than five years.

As a copywriter, she has provided content for corporate giants, retail outlets and charities. Her years on Fleet Street have given her an enviable ability to produce excellent, accurate copy to extremely tight deadlines, adhering to strict style guidelines and keeping documents legally compliant. She has also been involved in large rebranding exercises to help companies create consistent tone of voice across different platforms.
Ellen's writing style is succinct, simple and jargon-free and she has an ability to take complex information and translate it into bite-size digestible copy which can be understood by audiences of different backgrounds and levels of education. This skill includes dumbing down without patronising and is extremely effective for businesses.

She has written, subbed, edited and commissioned stories from journalists across the world and is adept at overseeing the work of others, re-writing sections of text, reordering stories and pinpointing newsworthy angles for maximum impact.

Ellen oversees all content which comes out of Prominent to ensure it is of an extremely high standard and is in line with the needs of the client. She is a first-class trainer and mentor and regularly shares her skills and knowledge with all members of the Prominent team.