There is a reason why children’s book illustrators are as important as their authors. After all, effective illustrations don't just catch the eye - they help tell the story.

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This is one of the reasons why we offer illustration as a service to clients – giving them a unique way to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

This form of visual marketing offers them the opportunity for rich storytelling in a format that people find easy to process.

Research shows that people only remember about 10% of the information marketers show them. But when that information is paired with visuals, that number jumps to 65%.

But what’s more astounding is that, according to a research study on the effectiveness of illustrations, people are 323% better at following directions with illustrations than they are at following directions without pictorial assistance.

That’s a massive conversion rate which could result in more traction, increased sales and better engagement for your brand.

So what can we offer you?

Illustrations can be anything from playful graphics to accompany a social media post to a more complex drawing that will form the centre of a poster campaign.

We can provide the lot.

Our creative design team is not restricted to computer graphics either. We also boast talented fine artists in our midst with expertise in hand-drawn imagery.

This means many of our clients have been rewarded with bespoke artwork that has graced magazine front covers, has developed into characters for animation, has featured on the printed collateral of nationwide theatre shows and been used on product packaging.

Among this work have been exquisite pen and ink drawings which have been digitally scanned to add in graphic elements such as lettering, logos and further embellishments.

In addition, we have produced digital drawings straight on to a graphics tablet or using Adobe Illustrator.

In short, while illustration is considered fine art and graphic design is more commercial, we have been able to merge the two – giving our clients the punch of persuasion wrapped up in a very pretty bow

If you would like help bringing your brand to life – this is where you need to be.