My first week in the workplace...

Chelsea 6

...and the most important thing I learnt along the way.

What gives you job satisfaction? Here our newest recruit Chelsea Debnam - who spent her childhood agonising over what to do for a career – explains what is really important when it comes to taking the leap into the workplace.


When I was first asked to write this blog, I was excited and quite arrogantly thought it was going to be easy.

After all, I’ve always been quite an academic person and spent the majority of my childhood indoors - no matter the weather - writing in my collection of notebooks about various topics.

However, when it came to actually penning this blog post, I was stumped.

The premise “my first week” seemed so vague – too much has happened to squeeze it into 400 words – and I try to do more than simply what is expected of me.

So instead I decided to write the answer to what I would want to know if I was reading it – why. Why I chose PR. Why I chose Prominent.

The truth is, when I was applying for apprenticeships, I had no clue what I wanted to do.

I’d spent my whole childhood constantly wanting to try my hand at different occupations. I felt so scared because everyone else seemed to know what they wanted to do, and while I had so many ideas, I couldn’t narrow it down to one field.

But first and foremost, I knew being happy in your job was the most important thing. That I needed to feel very comfortable wherever I worked. That I wanted to continue learning within the workplace.

And that’s why I knew that Prominent and PR was perfect for me the moment I walked through the door for my interview.

I suffer from agoraphobia. That means that sometimes I struggle to feel comfortable in social situations. But from the moment I stepped into the office, I felt at home.

In fact, I gushed over how much I wanted to work at Prominent because of how comfortable they made me feel and how rare that is for me.

PR is so diverse that it appeals to the side of my character that is very indecisive. It allows me to try my hand at a lot of different things – from graphic design and social media to strategy and writing.

Not one day in the office has been boring. Once we got locked out of the office then a matter of hours later we won doughnuts. How random and strange and exciting the world of PR is!

It also allows you to learn constantly - whether that be what a specific client wants and likes or how to use new platforms.

I’ve been treated like an equal regardless of my skill level and I’ve also been made to feel incredibly welcome by the team. So much so that just seven days into my new job, I think of them as close friends.

So, there’s the answer. Why? Because happiness is the most important thing in the workplace. And I am smiling after my first week.

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