Why I chose to do work experience at Prominent.

Keira Booty, PR Account Executive

After completing a Business Management degree, Keira Booty decided to improve the work experience on her CV to better her chances when it came to applying for a job. Here's why she chose Prominent.


I used to think once I had a degree it would be easy to get almost any job I wanted and am qualified for. I was so naïve.

Having mainly worked in retail and hospitality since I was 16, it appeared to be impossible to even get an interview for an office-based job, even though I had a degree in Business Management. I knew I did not want to work in hospitality or retail anymore due to the unsociable hours, but I didn’t know exactly which career path I wanted to follow. So, I applied for various roles including as a receptionist, ward clerk, administrator and school attendance officer!

With negative responses from each application I completed, I knew something needed to change. I needed to improve my CV.

I mentioned my dismay at a hockey training session one evening, suggesting I needed to find some work experience somewhere. Every single job I browsed through seemed to require or desire work experience. That’s when a teammate, the Managing Director at Prominent, offered me the opportunity to complete work experience in their office.

Being totally unfamiliar with a nine to five job, my first day was quite nerve-wracking but I was excited to experience something new. Working in PR has challenged me to think outside the box and allowed me to apply the knowledge I gained from modules within my degree and put it into practice.

Work experience at Prominent has been so beneficial in assisting me to decide what career path I want to follow and has been a positive addition to my CV.

After a month of work experience at Prominent I applied for one job, got invited for an interview and offered the job!

As they say, it’s all about who you know, not what you know!

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