My week at Prominent


Work experience is an opportunity to introduce young people to the reality of working life. Here Freya Lloyd, 15, explains how a week with Prominent has opened her eyes to a future in PR.


“A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there.” — Author Unknown

This quote sums up my week perfectly. I have been taken out of my comfort zone and put into an environment which is completely new to me. And I’ve discovered a career path I am now determined to follow.

Since I started in Year 10, I have been thinking a lot about what I might want to do in the future. I knew I wanted to take up a job in either media or event organising so when I got the opportunity to have a special experience in a workplace, it made sense for me to find a placement with a company which worked in this area.

Not being familiar with a 9-5 job or office life, I was worried and nervous on my first day. But although the office is full of people with different skills, of different ages and from different backgrounds, the Prominent team is very exciting to learn from.

From the get go, they have treated me like I am one of them and not made me feel inferior because of my age or lack of experience. My opinions have been listened to – and asked for. My ideas were considered – and acted upon. I was given plenty to do and received a mixture of praise and constructive criticism – both of which gave me confidence.

They have set me challenges – writing, design and admin – and each time it has pushed my creative ability and tested my knowledge and skills.

I have also got to grips with why PR is important. I have checked the daily news for articles which are relevant to clients, updated websites, sat in on meetings and am now to writing this blog post.

In short, this placement has made me realise that my dreams could become a reality. I can really see myself taking this up as a career when I have finished my education. 

In fact, when I finish Sixth Form I am hoping to apply for an apprenticeship at Prominent – which I think would be the perfect place for me to learn.

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