My first week at Prominent

Sam Darr at Prominent PR

Almost six months after I accepted the position, I have finally completed my first week at Prominent.

After enduring months of furlough, national uncertainty and very questionable haircuts from home, I am at the end of my first week at the agency - albeit at a social distance from my new colleagues. No handshakes when meeting and greeting, no watercooler chit-chat and certainly no cake-sharing.

Despite the distance, I’ve been made to feel very welcome at Prominent. After my initial induction sessions, which took place in the rather lovely garden area, it quickly became clear that this is not only a great working environment but a place to test my creative skills, too. Working with a variety of clients across a handful of industries, I’ll be devising and delivering effective campaign plans for swift and sustained results.

With the world yawning back to life after a few months of national lockdown, the timing of my first week has been invaluable in taking a close look at each of my clients before things shift back into top gear (although, sitting in the background of Zoom calls looks more awkward than ever now that I’m 2 metres away from my colleagues). In all seriousness, I’ve taken this time to soak up as much information from my clients and the experts I now work with as I can.

A suitably newsworthy angle of my arrival is that I am the first ever male member of the Prominent team. Since the agency was founded in 2014, it has grown year after year to become a team of 13 women; the beard has broken the mould. When it was first mentioned to me that I would be the first man to work at Prominent, I didn’t affect my desire to join the team. I knew that I would be working with a team of specialists who would only help me to grow as I learn more about the industry.

Helen and the management team made it very clear, even during my interview, that I would be taking on a lot of responsibility, both creatively and logistically. It gives me a huge boost in confidence to know that they have put their trust in me to deliver such valuable campaigns by myself. Based on the knowledge I’ve gleaned from both my early training sessions and conversations with my colleagues, I’m excited at the prospect of giving my full and honest input during client interactions in order to help them achieve their PR aims with Prominent.

In between inductions and training sessions, I have:

-        Become familiar with how to write punchy press releases

-        Learned of Ellen’s hatred of the word ‘whilst’

-        Produced my first brief social media plan for one of my clients

-        Pulled together a media list for a client’s press release

-        Met the office’s resident peacock, affectionately named ‘Graham’ by the rest of the team

I’m sure that these are merely the first of thousands of snippets and skills I will learn of as I work at Prominent. I feel very lucky, especially given the circumstances of so many others during this pandemic, to have secured an exciting new position in a workplace that champions the sort of innovation and honesty I pride my own work on.

Get in touch and hopefully we can work together soon!

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