One year at Prominent

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On 25th June, our apprentice Jade Ling’s celebrated one year at Prominent. Here, she reflects on everything that has happened over the last 12 months and the impact that the workplace has had on her.


I started reception at age three, school at five and finally left education at 17.

While this period of my life was vital to my development, knowledge and largely contributed to where I am now; I can safely say, I’ve learnt more more working at Prominent than I did in the 14 years I was sat in a classroom.

The past year has left more of an impression on me too - both inside and outside of the workplace - than any lesson ever has.

Just over a year ago I was in absolute despair about what to do next. I was on a college course that wasn’t for me, working a job that also, wasn’t for me and bored out of my mind.

When I discovered the apprenticeship opportunity with Prominent, I felt excited for the first time in a long time.

And in line with my expectations, my first year at Prominent has been far from boring. In fact,  I’ve never felt more accomplished.  Thanks to a host of opportunities, the nurturing of an incredible team and constant mentoring, I’m raring to go and ready for whatever challenge gets thrown my way. And plenty has…

In the past year I’ve been involved in everything from elections to events. I have had afternoon tea with seven-year-olds, helped stage a street party for a town, reported on planning committees and have taken over management of numerous social media accounts.

I’ve even been highly commended as a Green Hero for the county after my colleagues nominated me for an award for my efforts to become their recycling champion – something that’s very important to me.

It seems crazy to me that all this has happened in the space of a year. A year that started with me nervously walking into the office and sitting at my desk for the first time and ends with me coming to work every day to a job I love, and which makes me incredibly happy.

I get butterflies when my words appear online in a newspaper article, my social media content gets shared and retweeted, when somebody phones the office asking for me. It’s a feeling of achievement that school never gave me.

I may only be 18 years old with much more to experience, a lot more to learn and, hopefully, a long career ahead of me. But joining Prominent has taught me a life lesson I will take with me whatever happens next; go for it.

If, like I was a year ago, you are not happy with your life, your college course or your job, make a change. Re-write your CV and send it out far and wide. Apply for the apprenticeship, job or internship that you’ve been dreaming of.

Go for the interview, put yourself out there. You never know, it could be you writing a one-year anniversary blog like this one in 365 days’ time.

Written by original jade

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