Why your business should never overlook content optimisation

Sophie Prominent

SEO matters. Through the keywords, optimised content and hyperlinks, lies an unrivalled tool in your arsenal to not only increase your brand presence locally, but even nationally or internationally.

It can at times be a difficult beast to understand through the constant changes and industry developments – but at Prominent, we have the knowhow to ensure your content is optimised.

Here, Sophie Proctor, Marketing Manager at Prominent, discusses why you should never overlook good SEO.


What is SEO?

SEO, or search engine optimisation, is the process of improving the quality of website content to increase its prevalence and position on search engines.

Search engines have developed to become our digital libraries – good SEO ensures what you’ve written is easier for people to find.

Google makes up for 92% of search engine market share, with an estimated more than five billion searches daily. Pages ranking among the top of Google’s results receive more than 90% of traffic than those further down the line.

Simple steps can greatly benefit your business’ position on search engines and tap into those search queries – but there is no guarantee of instant results.

What are the main factors that determine good SEO?

The factors that determine a good search ranking are regularly changing. There is no short answer to this question, although there are three areas everyone should consider.



These are select words that feature regularly in your content. Think about the words you are likely to search on Google to find the answer to your questions.

Those who search for those words will be met with pages where they are used most effectively.

Keyword prevalence is key – but using them too much negatively effects your score. It is all about finding the right balance. So-called “keyword stuffing” is never the way.

At Prominent, we research the best keywords for your industry. This can help identify pages on your website that require a revisit, or the scope to create new ones and cash in on potential hits.



Links are crucial in scoring high on search engines. But it isn’t as simple as littering your website with hyperlinks to different areas.

Internal links are a good place to start. Google cares about how “authoritative” a website is – in essence, how credible they deem you and your content to be. Creating a web of links between relevant pages on your website not only helps your reader navigate, but also boost that score.

Among the most important types of links are inbound links. Google uses these to determine how authoritative and reliable your content is. Essentially, these are links to your website from other high-ranking and trusted bodies.

Likewise, it is important for you to provide outbound links to other authoritative websites. Doing this shows Google that you’ve done your research and provide readers with value.


Being mobile friendly

Mobile web traffic is continuously increasing. And Google knows that. Indeed, mobile searches now significantly exceed those on desktop.

Google now uses a mobile-first index that draws its results from mobile-optimised websites first – meaning businesses can avoidably plummet down the rankings.

Websites should be user-friendly for those using mobile devices, ensuring menus are accessible, fonts are of a readable size and that adverts don’t cover essential content.


Things always change

The thing that makes SEO so complicated for even experts to understand at times is how things are ever-changing. What may have been good practice a few years ago may now negatively affect the way your page ranks.

At Prominent, we ensure our clients’ websites are regularly up to date. We use our SEO tools and knowhow to make sure their content meets all the necessary parameters.

And we see results.


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