Making the move from journalism to PR

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PR Executive Lauren Everitt has been at Prominent for a year. In her blog to mark the anniversary, she talks about moving over ‘to the dark side’ from journalism.


Growing up, I knew that I wanted to have a career that involved writing. I always wanted to be a journalist and I’m one of the lucky few who knew exactly what I wanted to do once I completed my A levels.

Instead of following the costly university route, I did work experience at my local newspaper, the East Anglian Daily Times, and gained advice from journalists which took me to Harlow College. I took an NCTJ preliminary journalism course and landed my dream career at the tender age of 19.

Becoming a journalist was everything I had imagined and more. The buzz of a busy newsroom and the diverse nature of news means that journalists are never twiddling their thumbs. Whether it was covering a General Election count or sitting through planning meetings to ‘death knocks’ and five generation family stories, the day-to-day work of a journalist is certainly never dull.

At the time, I could never imagine changing career and it was always joked as ‘moving to the dark side’. But how wrong that statement is. I am now one-year post moving across to PR and the future is very bright from where I’m sitting!

Starting my career in journalism has given me an advantage as a PR professional. I know what makes a good story and have no qualms in telling someone that what they think is a story, is in fact, not. It is a skill I bring to the clients I work with to ensure they get the column inches they deserve.

PR has afforded me the opportunity to release my inner creativity – something that is often stifled as a news reporter. You have to be good at thinking outside of the box and come up with new, exciting ways to create a story and make news out of something that is not necessarily new. But, as PR professionals prove, there is always a way! PR has been a revelation and there is definite enjoyment in being able to email or phone to people who actually want to talk!

Aside from some crisis communications, PR is a more upbeat industry with positive news to shout about. It has made a refreshing change from being a journalist and generally being the bearer of bad news. Everyone knows that bad news is what tends to make the headlines – coronavirus being a case in point.

I am proud to have started my career in journalism but am even more excited for what the future will bring. Making the jump across to PR has been nothing but positive for me. My time as a reporter provided me with a wealth of transferable skills. Not just the obvious being able to write; but skills such as working to a tight deadline, carrying out tricky interviews, the ability to absorb and translate information and being able to draft multiple pieces of content at the same time without feeling overwhelmed.

Moving to the dark side has never looked so bright!

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