Karate kid begins a career in PR

Jade 2

Sport is, and always will be, a powerful metaphor for business. Competition, ambition, dedication and teamwork are all key components of both worlds. Here Prominent’s newest recruit – Jade Ling – who is working towards a black belt in karate, talks through how she has applied her sporting prowess to her first week in the workplace.


Being asked to write my first blog was something that I found both daunting and exciting at the same time.

But it wasn’t until I sat down at my computer that I realised this feeling of nervousness and excitement is something I experience quite a lot.

Feeling nervous is a good thing, right? It means you care.

It’s certainly something I have learned to channel in my karate training and competitions. It has taught me a lot about nerves, how to deal with them and most importantly that despite what people say, they are mostly something positive.

Joining a karate club was a huge step for both my physical and mental development as well as giving me skills that I can use in all aspects of my life.

Being a female in a male-orientated sport has given me the drive to succeed and has taught me I can do anything I want to do - a mindset that has served me well in every part of my life.  

Karate has also taught me not to be afraid of trying new things and applying for this apprenticeship at Prominent was one of those things.

Taking the leap of faith has turned into quite possibly the best opportunity I have ever been offered.

Writing this blog is one of many new things I have done in my first week as part of the team, and I have enjoyed every single bit of it.

If I am being completely honest, I have learnt more in my first week working here at Prominent than I did throughout a whole year of college!

There is such a range of tasks to do and no two days are ever the same.

I have loved becoming a part of the gang and my first week has been action-packed to say the least.

I am beyond excited to continue my apprenticeship, keep learning and widen my knowledge and experience.

I’m incredibly proud to be a part of a business that is growing and flourishing with a group of talented women who, like me with my passion for karate, are proving you can do anything you put your mind to.





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