Hey Girls! Meet Prominent’s new partner fighting to end period poverty

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Prominent are thrilled to be working with leading community interest company Hey Girls on their mission to improve period dignity and end period poverty.


Started around a kitchen table in 2018 by Celia Hodson and her daughters Kate and Bec, Hey Girls now operates across the UK and Australia – and has donated 21 million environmentally-friendly period products through its network of more than 200 community partners.

Prominent will be delivering ongoing PR support to help the team reach a corporate audience.

Hey Girls operates on a “buy one, donate one” model, with one product donated to those in need for every unit purchased. Beneficiaries include women’s refuges, foodbanks and homeless shelters.

One in 10 people in the UK experience period poverty – an issue that affects girls’ education and negatively impacts their lives every month.

Hey Girls works with businesses in various sectors – from local councils to construction firms – providing period products in their bathrooms, all while supplying vulnerable people with access to pads, tampons, cups and period pants.

Partnering with Hey Girls not only helps the world in the fight against period poverty, but also helps to improve period dignity – with millions across the UK being without access to appropriate products.

Helen Rudd, Prominent managing director, said: “We are delighted to be working with Hey Girls and are looking forward to a bright working relationship together.

“All of us at Prominent fully believe in Hey Girls’ vision and have already learned so much about how small changes can help better our society.

“We have previously campaigned to end period poverty, helping raise hundreds of pounds to donate period products to those in need here in our hometown, Felixstowe.

“Hey Girls are such an exciting client to work with and shows the progressive clientele we are so proud to work with here at Prominent.”

As well as supporting people experiencing periods, Hey Girls also offers educational tools to men in a bid to help them better understand “that time of the month”.

To learn more about supplying Hey Girls products at your business, visit www.heygirls.co.uk.

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